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Rainedrop Skin

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Rainedrop Skin is a Studio that offers: 

Custom Spray Tanning

Custom Facials with European Style
Acne Facial
Half Hour Hydration Session

Chemical Enhancement Facial


LED with Ionic/ Ultrasound


Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Custom Spray Tanning

Custom Color Blended based on skin tones, hair color, and eye color.

A solution formulated by a Dermatologist for a Melanoma Survivor.

No orange color or streaking with a great smell. The safest way to tan and avoid skin cancer, wrinkles and sun damage.

As a professional tanning specialist I customize your tan. There are no levels, just one single tan based on the best shade that fits you!

All colors are customized and are guaranteed to be made to your satisfaction.

Change the Way You Think About the Sun

Keep your Summer Glow all year long!

$45 a Session 


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Appointment Only​ Tel: 727-457-4228

Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Need to know, Tanning Instructions:

Before Tanning

Immediately After tanning

Maintain and Prolong your Tan

Give your tan some TLC and it will remain on your skin longer.
Wait 4 to 8 hours before showering. Your color will look like its pooling off but this is normal. Your washing off your initial bronzer.
Do not forget your sunblock, you still need SPF protection
Apply moisturizer after your first shower and every day after. This can help prolong your tan.
No shower scrubbies, loofah, facecloths, chlorine from a pool or jacuzzi.
Any questions call Lorriane at (727) 457-4228.

Use M.D Bronze self tanner and Instant bronzer to maintain color in-between visits.


Natural Botanical Skincare – Experience a Botanical line for every ethnicity, age, gender, and condition that’s very hydrating, moisturizing, rejuvenating and balancing for the skin.

A pampering session fit for a King or Queen.

Facials help maintain the health of the skin and certain skin conditions

Facials –  Helps maintain the health of the skin and certain skin conditions

Microdermabrasion – A noninvasive form of exfoliation that targets specific needs like anti-aging, blemishes, scars, age spots, uneven skin tones and more.

Chemical Exfoliation – Is a fundamental part of corrective skincare treatments that cause exfoliation in a controlled manner.

Acne Treatment – Keeping skin healthy, balanced, hydrated. Help calm and repair damaged skin.

Custom Facial European Style

 Relaxing Custom Facial, Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, marque finish


Add on Service with Facial

  Chemical Enhancement,  Microdermabrasion,  LED with Ionic/ Ultrasound


Acne Treatment

Cleanse,  Exfoliation,  Extractions, Mask and LED therapy



 Anti Aging Dermal Rejuvenation Treatment with f/u Enzyme – Helps Mitochondrial function and restores skins Youthful appearance without damaging the Skin.

Series of 3 for $450.00, 1 treatment is $150.00

Mini Custom Facial or Half Hour Hydration

 Great hydrating facial on the go. A mini custom facial that will have you in and out in no time. No Extractions


Men’s Facial

A great relaxing and therapeutic facial formulated for men’s skin care needs.


          Free Consultations           

Appointment Only​ Tel: 727-457-4228

Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Benefits of Facials & Facial Massage

Relaxes the client and facial muscles

Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation

Improves overall metabolism and activates sluggish skin

Helps muscle tone

Helps cleanse the skin of impurities and softens sebum (oil)

Helps slough off dead skin cells

Reduce puffiness and sinus congestion

Helps product absorption

Relieves muscle tension and pain

Provides a sense of physical and psychological well-being

Lorraine Palisi

An Esthetician’s primary focus is on preserving, protecting, and nourishing skin. We have to be able to recognize skin disorder’s so we can work with clients effectively and safely.

My clients fill out an intake form because I need to know allergies, medical history and medications which all determine what course I take with their skin. Then I do a skin analysis to determine your skin type and treat any conditions of the skin (ex. Acne, Rosacea, Sun damage, wrinkles). A facial consists of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions when needed, facial massage which offers the most benefit to your skin (improves muscle tone and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation), masque, then finishing serums, hydration, and moisture and sunblock…

So your skin is truly a science that is changing all the time and is influenced by many facets of your body.

Try to consider a facial preventative care like going to the dentist or doctor only this feels much better.

Isn’t Your Skin Worth It?

        Free Consultations           

Appointment Only​ Tel: 727-457-4228

Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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