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Loriann is the founder and owner of LA Lash and Brow Studio. She has been in the Beauty Industry since 1998.

“I love watching the transformation after a full set of eyelashes, or seeing someone go from barely-there brows to having the perfect brows, that match their face and style!” – Loriann

Loriann also loves helping women and men feel confident in their skin with Scalp Micropigmentation.

Loriann will enhance your lashes to look as natural or dramatic as you desire. I customize your lashes that vary in length, handmade Volume fans, Lash by lash; I will extend your lashes to lengths previously thought impossible. I help women find a specific look they are wanting to cheat without using mascara. Yes!!! No Mascara or Eyelash Curler necessary! I specialize in Eyelash Extensions. I make women feel beautiful by customizing their eyelashes to either be conservative or long and luscious depending on what the client is looking for to it achieve their desired, ‘No Mascara’ look!
The products I use and love are Borboleta, LashBox L.A., EBL Lashes and Elleebana.
I started looking into Mircoblading/Semi Permanent Make Up in November of 2015, I got tired of coloring in my eyebrows everyday or tinting them every two weeks. I wanted something that would save me time in the mornings – for me, every moment of the day counts! For anyone who has got a little too aggressive with the tweezers in their youth, or anyone who was born with barely-there-brows, I can fix them in one session!
The products I use and love are Tina Davies and PhiBrows.

Loriann is Trained, Insured and 6 X Certified in Eyelash Extensions. 

I am also Trained, Insured and 3 X Certified in Microblading.

Also certified in

Loriann’s Favorites:

LA Spa and Wellness Suites

Private Lᴜxᴜʀɪᴏᴜs Spa Suites

Est. 2018

Loriann is the proud owner and founder of L.A. Spa and Wellness Suites. L.A. Spa and Wellness Suites was created out of need in 2018, after owner Loriann realized that the Trinity area was an ideal location for a high-end studio, but lacked any available space to fit her needs.  As necessity births innovation, Loriann discovered her current location, and over the course of 12 months configured it into its current gorgeous configuration.