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Types of Eyelash Extensions

May 25, 2017 7:38 pm

Faux Mink Extensions

These are what Borboleta lashes are made of.  These are our go-to Lash extensions.
They are made with unique synthetic yarn fibers that resemble that of a human lash. These unique fibers make our lashes noticeably lighter, softer and more flexible. They give you the most consistent curl. They have a matte black finish.


Silk Extensions

These are similar to faux mink, they are synthetically manufactured and are very soft. The silk causes them to be porous.


Mink Extensions

They are brushed or shaved off live minx. Most are allergic to the real mink because of the bacteria from the animal. They can lose their curl, not to mention very expensive. A full set of make lashes starts at $500.


Synthetic Extensions

Made from polished, acrylic material. Also known as the original lash extension.



Types of Extensions (shapes)


Flat extensions

Boxy and rectangular in shape gives the appearance of a darker lash line without adding any extra weight.


Grooved or Ellipse Extensions

**We don’t offer these. Similar to a flat lash but has a cut out in the top and bottom of the extension.

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