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Russian Volume Eyelashes 

May 25, 2017 7:40 pm

Russian Volume Eyelashes are the latest trend in eyelash extensions. With roots in Russia, this beauty craze has quickly become a high-demand treatment here in the US as well. This is unlike any other eyelash extension treatment, as multiple lightweight silk lashes are attached to each natural lash to create a stunning, full-bodied look. Russian volume lashes do not add additional heft to the eyelashes that can be bothersome for some customers with sensitive eyelashes.

Why are Russian Volume Lashes considered High-Volume?

These lashes are considered high-volume because the addition of extra lashes to each individual lash creates an impressively thick look. With these lashes, you can always forego mascara if you want because the lashes alone create a lovely dark fringe over the eyes.

What are some of the benefits of Russian Volume Lashes?

If you go with Russian Volume eyelash extensions, you get to take advantage of a whole list of advantages, including:

  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Your lash line looks like strip lashes instead of just elongated lashes
  • The adherence is stronger than one-on-one lash extensions
  • They are smaller in millimeter
  • You have control over how much or how little volume is added to the lash line

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